Find the Best Dog Training App – Expert Reviews & Tips

Hey fellow dog enthusiasts! Alex Coll here, and let’s be honest – those puppy dog eyes can get away with just about anything, but training makes life with your furry bestie a million times better. Messes become fewer, walkies become smoother, and the bond you share? Unbreakable!

The thing is, busy schedules and figuring out where to begin with training can feel overwhelming. But wait! Here’s the awesome news: dog training apps are here to save the day, offering fun and convenient ways to teach your pup all those essential skills (and maybe some fancy tricks, too!)

The Training App Advantage

Picture this: You’ve got ten minutes to spare, your phone in hand, and your pup ready to learn. With a dog training app, that’s all you need! These handy tools put expert trainers in your pocket, offering:

  • Step-by-step guides: Break down even tricky stuff into simple steps.
  • Training for all levels: Whether you’ve got a brand-new pup or an older doggo, there’s an app for that.
  • Tailored routines: Many apps create personalized training plans just for your dog’s breed, age, and personality!
happy puppies engaged in playful training activities
Illustrations Image: happy puppies engaged in playful training activities

They offer convenience, access to a variety of training methods, and step-by-step guidance. Some apps even provide income opportunities for dog lovers – check out our guide on “Dog Training Affiliate Programs: Earn Money Helping Dogs & Owners” to learn more!

Dog Training Apps: More Than Just Woofs and Waggles

Okay, so you get the basics – apps can help you train your pup. But what exactly do they DO? Let’s dive in:

  • Like a Pocket-Sized Pro: Imagine having a dog trainer on speed dial. That’s the magic of apps! Get video demos, clear written instructions, and even live video chats with trainers for real-time help.
  • The Power of Positive Reinforcement: Most awesome training apps ditch those old-school “punishment” methods and instead focus on rewarding good behavior. Treats, toys, and tons of happy praise are how we win here! (Pssst – science shows this works way better, anyway.)
  • Goodbye, Problem Paws: Beyond basic obedience, apps can tackle those pesky doggo problems. Separation anxiety? Excessive barking? Leash pulling? There’s specialized training for just about everything.
  • The Future is in Your Hands: Some apps are getting all futuristic on us, offering things like AI-powered feedback or even connections to those snazzy dog fitness trackers!

Science + Snuggles = Success

A word for the nerds (like me): the best dog training apps are built on solid science! Positive reinforcement techniques are backed by years of research. Basically, by rewarding your dog when they do something right, they’re way more likely to repeat that awesome behavior. Who wouldn’t want treats AND praise for a job well done?

Beyond Sit and Stay

These apps aren’t just about the boring basics (though those are important, too!). Want to teach your pup to roll over, play dead, or even fetch your slippers? There’s likely a training module for that.

  • Fun and Games: Many apps turn training into a game, with levels to unlock, badges to earn, and challenges to keep you and your dog engaged.
A playful Labrador pup "high-fiving" their owner.
Illustrations Image: A playful Labrador pup “high-fiving” their owner.

Picking the Right App: It’s Not One-Size-Fits-All Ruffs!

Finding the perfect dog training app is kinda like finding the perfect doggie bandana – it’s gotta suit your pup AND your style! Here’s what to keep in mind:

  • Your Doggo’s Deets: Puppy? Senior dog? Energetic breed or snuggle bug? Different apps excel at different ages and needs. An overly playful pup might need a different approach than an older, mellow fella.
  • Your Training Dreams: Basic commands or fancy tricks? Fixing specific bad habits? Clearly define your goals so you can find the app that matches them.
  • Learning Style Check: Do you love watching videos? Are you all about those detailed written instructions? Some apps lean one way or the other – pick the one that helps you learn best.
  • Cash or Convenience?: Apps range from totally free to those with subscription fees. Determine your budget upfront to avoid surprises.

More Than Meets the Eye (and Paw)

  • Busy Life BFF: Some apps are tailored to on-the-go owners with bite-sized lessons perfect for fitting in a quick training session during your lunch break.
  • Multi-Dog Households: Got a whole pack? Look for apps that offer profiles for multiple pups so you can track everyone’s progress.
  • Tech Talk: If tech isn’t your strong suit, seek out apps known for simple, easy-to-use interfaces (no one needs extra frustration when training a puppy, right?)
A person sitting on a couch with two dogs, using a training app on a tablet
Illustrations Image: A person sitting on a couch with two dogs, using a training app on a tablet

Time to Train! App-solutely Awesome Picks

Let’s take some time to research popular dog training apps available today. We can use these as inspiration and to understand the types of features available. Here are some places to start:

  1. Dogo Training App: Emphasizes personalized training, video instruction, and a built-in clicker.
  2. Puppr Dog App: Known for step-by-step trick tutorials and positive reinforcement.
  3. GoodPup Training App: Offers the unique benefit of live video sessions with professional trainers.
  4. Pup to Date Dog App: Designed explicitly for puppy training needs.
  5. Pupford Dog and Puppy Training: Features structured programs, progress tracking, and a focus on behavioral issues.
  6. EveryDoggy Training App: Seems to cater to the idea of multi-dog households and training plans for multiple dogs.
  7. Pawsitive Training App: The name hints at a focus on positive training methods. Unfortunately, not much other information is provided.
  8. iTrainer Dog Whistle and Clicker App: Focuses on clicker and whistle tools for training, likely in addition to other training content.
  9. Go Dog App: The article mentions fitness tracking, indicating a health-focused app alongside training features.

Unleash the Best: Expert Reviews & Tips on Dog Training Apps


Okay, did I get you excited about transforming your pup into the goodest, most well-behaved dog on the block? Dog training apps make it all less intimidating and a whole lot more fun. Remember, the perfect app is out there – one that clicks with you and your dog’s unique learning style.


Can I use a dog training app outdoors or are they just for home training?
Absolutely! Most dog training apps are designed for real-world scenarios. Whether you’re practicing in your backyard, at the park, or on a walk, apps provide guidance for training anywhere.

How much do dog training apps cost? Are there any good free options?
Dog training apps offer various pricing models. Some are completely free, others offer free trials with premium subscription options, and a few have a one-time purchase fee. It’s best to explore a few apps to find one that fits your budget and training needs.

Can dog training apps address separation anxiety or other serious behavioral problems?
Many apps offer specialized modules for issues like separation anxiety, excessive barking, or leash reactivity. However, for severe cases, it’s always recommended to consult with a veterinarian or certified dog behaviorist alongside using an app.

Do dog training apps work for older dogs, or are they just for puppies?
You can teach an old dog new tricks! Well-designed training apps cater to dogs of all ages, with programs adjustable for senior pups and those learning at a slower pace.

My dog has a short attention span. How do I keep them engaged in app-based training?
Look for apps that break down lessons into bite-sized chunks perfect for pups with shorter attention spans. Features like gamification, rewards, and the ability to pause and resume training sessions can keep things fun and manageable.

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