Spot and Tango vs. Sundays Dog Food: A Tailored Guide for Dog Owners

You’re standing in the pet food aisle, eyes wide open, overwhelmed by the number of bags and cans that promise the world to your beloved pup. But recently, Max has become annoyed with his usual snack. His ears were itching again, and to be honest, his excitement about the meal wasn’t what it used to be.

Sound familiar? Maybe it’s time to explore something different, like fresh, dog food subscriptions that will get your dog’s tail wagging – Spot, Tango and Sundays. Both boast high-quality ingredients and receive positive reviews. But what is the perfect match for your best friend?

Decoding Dog Food Labels: A Crash Course

Before we dive into the brands, there’s some homework to do. Understanding dog food labels is like having a secret decoder ring. Forget those marketing buzzwords and flashy claims. Here’s how to know what’s really in your pup’s bowl.

Ingredients 101

  • “Human-grade”: Let’s clear this up. There’s no official definition, but it generally suggests ingredients fit for us to eat. This is a good sign, but not the whole story!
  • Protein First: Dogs are natural carnivores, so the ingredient list should start with a quality protein source (e.g., chicken, beef, not meat “by-products”).
  • Whole Foods vs. Fillers: Look for recognizable whole foods like veggies and fruits. Fillers (like corn) offer little nutritional value.
Labeled dog food bag with key terms circled
Labeled dog food bag with key terms circled

The Spotlight on Spot and Tango

Spot and Tango shines by offering fresh, personalized meal options and that extra something with their UnKibble alternative. Let’s break down what makes them tick:

Spot & Tango vs Sundays: A Tailored Guide for Dog Owners

Fresh is Best (or is it?)

  • Fresh Food Philosophy: Spot and Tango’s fresh meals are made with whole, USDA-certified ingredients, cooked in small batches. The theory is fresh food equals greater nutrient availability and palatability for our pups.
  • UnKibble Option: Here’s their twist – a gentler alternative to kibble. UnKibble is lightly cooked for shelf stability but still boasts higher quality ingredients than typical bagged food.

Customization is Key

  • The Intake Quiz: No cookie-cutter meals here! Spot and Tango gathers details about your dog – breed, age, weight, activity level, even allergies – to tailor their recipes.
  • Adapting Over Time: As your dog’s needs change (hello, senior years), their meal plan can adjust accordingly. This level of personalization is impressive!

Ingredients Under the Magnifying Glass

  • Protein Power: Spot and Tango’s recipes feature a variety of proteins (beef, lamb, turkey, etc.) so picky eaters can find their favorite.
  • The Whole Package: Alongside the protein, you’ll find real fruits, veggies, and healthy carbs – think carrots, apples, and brown rice.
  • Sourcing Spotlight: They’re transparent about using locally-sourced ingredients whenever possible.

Beyond the Bowl: Spot and Tango Supplements

  • Targeted Health Support: Alongside their meals, they offer add-on supplements addressing various concerns like joint health, skin allergies, and digestive support.

Cost and Convenience: Let’s Talk Numbers

  • Price per Plan: Expect the price to vary based on your dog’s size and breed. A sample plan for a medium-sized dog might be around $7 per day.
  • Subscription Setup: Shipping is free, and you can choose delivery frequency to match your needs.

Sundays: Unveiling the Air-Dried Advantage

Sundays takes a different approach with their gently air-dried recipes, designed for maximum nutrition with the convenience of shelf-stable food.

  • The Air-Drying Difference: Think of this process as slow, low-temperature dehydration. It removes moisture, preserving nutrients without the high heat of traditional kibble production.
  • Treats with a Twist: Sundays’ air-dried treats are fantastic for training sessions or as a tasty snack. Plus, they’re made with the same quality ingredients as their meals.

Ingredients on Point

  • Limited & Mighty: Sundays focuses on limited-ingredient recipes – excellent for pups with food sensitivities.
  • Single-Source Proteins: Options like beef, chicken, or lamb make it easy to pinpoint potential allergens.
  • Superfood Support: They incorporate nutrient-rich ingredients like pumpkin, kale, and cranberries.

Supplements with Purpose

  • Pre-portioned Packs: These take the guesswork out of supplementation. Each pack offers specific benefits like joint health, skin support, or gut health.
  • Vet-Developed: That extra E-E-A-T authority! These supplements are formulated with veterinary input.

Sustainability Matters

Eco-Friendly Focus: Sundays prides themselves on minimizing waste and using recyclable packaging. Big points for dog-loving eco-warriors!

Sunday treats come in dog bowls with packaging or infographics illustrating the air drying process
Sunday treats come in dog bowls with packaging or infographics illustrating the air drying process

Beyond the Brands: Considering Your Dog

Picking between Spot and Tango or Sundays is about more than just the food! Here’s how to ensure your choice perfectly aligns with your furry friend’s needs:

Unique Needs Checklist

  • Age Matters: Puppies need extra nutrients for development, while senior dogs thrive on easy-to-digest options.
  • Activity Level: Does your pup spend most days snoozing, or are they an agility champ? Adjust their diet accordingly!
  • The Dreaded Allergies: If your dog has sensitivities, limited-ingredient options like Sundays might be a lifesaver.

Introducing Change: The Slow and Steady Approach

  • Talk to Your Vet: Always, always consult your vet before making any major dietary changes. They are your dog’s ultimate health expert
  • Gradual Transition: Sudden food switches can upset stomachs. Mix the new food with the old, increasing the ratio over a week or two.
Close-up of a dog looking up eagerly, with a veterinarian
Close-up of a dog looking up eagerly, with a veterinarian

The Verdict: Spot and Tango vs. Sundays – It Depends

Let’s be real: there’s no single “best” dog food. It’s all about finding the perfect fit for your dog’s individual needs and your own preferences.

Your Priorities Matter!

  • Ease & Convenience: Sundays’ air-dried food has a longer shelf life for easy storage.
  • Picky Eater: Spot and Tango’s UnKibble and recipe variety might win over a discerning pup.
  • Food Sensitivities: Sundays’ limited ingredient focus would be a safer bet.

The Cost Question

Fresh, human-grade dog food subscriptions are generally more expensive than traditional kibble. But ask yourself: is investing in your pup’s long-term health and happiness worth the additional cost? For many dog owners, the answer is a resounding yes!

Real Dog Owners, Real Results

Testimonials and success stories can be powerful motivators. Let’s highlight a few case studies to showcase how these dog food brands have transformed the lives of pups just like yours:

Spot & Tango to the Rescue

The Dog: Meet Lucy, a Golden Retriever battling itchy skin and constant ear infections.

  • The Problem: Standard kibble seemed to be the culprit, no matter how many brands her owners tried.
  • The Solution: Spot and Tango’s customized meal plan with a focus on fresh, whole-food ingredients.
  • The Results: Within weeks, Lucy’s scratching subsided, her ears cleared up, and her coat became shiny and full. Bonus: she finally got excited about mealtime again!

Sundays for a Sensitive Stomach

  • The Dog: Rocky, a French Bulldog, known for his gurgly tummy and unpredictable digestion.
  • The Problem: Finding a food that didn’t cause gas and loose stools was a constant struggle.
  • The Solution: Sundays’ limited-ingredient lamb recipe proved to be a lifesaver.
  • The Result: Rocky’s digestive woes became a thing of the past, and he gained much-needed healthy weight.

Your Turn: Share Your Story!

Do you have a similar success story with Spot and Tango or Sundays? We’d love to feature your experience (with your dog’s adorable photo!) on our website.

Before and after photos of healthy, happy dogs
Before and after photos of healthy, happy dogs


How much do Spot and Tango and Sundays cost, and can I get samples?

Both Spot and Tango and Sundays price their plans based on your dog’s size, breed, and activity level. Expect to pay more than traditional kibble, but many dog owners consider the investment in their dog’s health worthwhile.

My dog is a picky eater. Will they like Spot and Tango or Sundays?

Fresh ingredients and varied recipes make both brands appealing even to picky dogs.

Do Spot and Tango or Sundays offer food for dogs with allergies or sensitivities?

Yes! Both brands prioritize ingredient quality, which is a plus for sensitive pups.

Can I transition my dog to Spot and Tango or Sundays gradually, and how long does this process take?

Absolutely! A gradual transition is essential to avoid digestive upset.

My dog has a specific health issue

Both Spot and Tango and Sundays use high-quality ingredients, which can benefit many dogs with health issues. However, it’s always best to consult your veterinarian.


By now, you’re practically a dog food expert! Remember, the “right” food is the one that makes your dog thrive, inside and out. Whether you choose Spot and Tango’s fresh meals and personalized plans, Sundays’ air-dried nourishment, or even explore another high-quality option, you’re taking a fantastic step towards your dog’s health and happiness. If you’re interested in exploring fresh dog food delivery options, this guide is a fantastic resource.

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