Click and Treat Dog Training: A Positive and Effective Method for Happy Dogs


Click and treat dog training, also known as marker training, is a science-backed, positive reinforcement technique that is both enjoyable and highly effective for teaching your dog new skills. Using a small device called a clicker, trainers mark the exact moment a dog performs a desired behavior, immediately followed by a tasty treat. This precise … Read more

Clicker training for dogs

Clicker training for dogs

Think of a clicker like that satisfying snap your fingers make – only a bit louder! A clicker is a tiny, handheld tool that makes a quick  “click-clack” sound. So, what’s so magical about this simple noise? And why on earth would you want to train a dog with it? Clicker training for dogs is … Read more

Bull Terrier Training Tips and Techniques

illustration: Bull Terrier Training

Ever witnessed a Bull Terrier on a walk? Their boundless energy and enthusiasm are truly captivating! But imagine channeling that zest for life into playful training sessions that strengthen your bond and create a well-behaved canine companion. That’s the magic of positive reinforcement training for Bull Terriers. What is Bull Terrier Training? Bull Terrier training … Read more

Dog Is Bored? Conquer Dog Boredom with Engaging Activities

A bored dog

At first glance, most pet dogs appear to lead a life of leisure – showered with affection, sleep, playtime, walks, and treats, they seem to spend their days in a blissful state of relaxation. Yet, dogs lacking sufficient mental and physical stimulation can quickly succumb to boredom, manifesting in undesirable behaviors such as destructive chewing, excessive … Read more